NOTE: You may send it by E-mail as long as there are no player passes to send.

Any comp game that a card is issued or any unusual occurrence or injury must have a USSF Report filled out and forwarded to the appropriate Discipline Chairman within 48 hours after game completion to the following address:

BYSL Discipline Chairman 
Alberto Araujo

GCF VP of Discipline 
Matt Hutchinson 

New & Visiting Referee Club Info
Goals must be anchored! SSA does everything as a club to ensure goals are properly secured, and routinely inspect these anchors before practices and games. Referees MUST survey assigned field goals before any match. Be sure to review the following: 
  1. Anchor is firmly in ground
  2. Chains are completely around the goal beam and through the anchors. 
  3. U-bolt screw is present and tightly secured in the bolt. 
Make sure to inspect the fields for major holes and bumps that may occur from animals or sprinklers. 

Any issues, please let the home coach or on site staff member (in concession) know immediately. If none are available, contact field maintenance anytime at 7724733836.