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BYSL Game Report Produces

  1. Rosters are required for all games and must be presented by each team during the pregame check in. Rosters shall have a club registrar’s signature or be state generated rosters from the FYSA online system.
  2. Player passes are required for all competitive and premier league games. A player pass without a picture or proper signatures is not allowed to play. The passes must also be laminated. (Look at the team code to determine the level of the game). Recreational rosters should have pictures on the back and should be laminated.
  3. Goal anchors are required. Games may not be played without anchors. This is a USSF rule that must be followed for player safety.
  4. No jewelry or hard orthopedic casts may be worn at any time during a game. Taping jewelry in not allowed.
  5. Game reports are required for all games when cards are issued, if a player leaves due to injury, or any other incident takes place that is not normal. If a team does not show up (15 minute grace period) or the game is ended early due to weather then a game report is also required.
  6. Game reports are sent directly to the appropriate discipline chairman. For comp games, player passes belonging to red carded players need to be sent to the discipline chair. The report must be filed within 48 hours of the game.